Nelson Farms Country Store


Nelson Farms circa 1800s

The original date and builder of Nelson Farms is unknown. John Donaldson was an early owner when it was a dry goods store. It was sold to C.W. Covill, and remained a merchandise store when it was taken over by F.R. Gaige and Frank E. Whitney. They ran it together until about 1879 when Frank bought out Gaige's share. Frank later moved to Cazenoiva leaving the building unoccupied.

In 1886, William Richards and his son Wellington (Wiley) formed a partnership and re-opened the store. After William Richards passed away in 1894, his son Wiley purchased his father's interest in the business. He continued to operate it as a store with more merchandise. Wiley even had the only phone in the area for awhile.

When Wiley passed away in 1928 the store became an inn. The building is famous for being an inn, restaurant, and banquet hall when owned by Francis Costello. It remained an inn until it was purchased by Morrisville and restored to its original purpose.

- Provided by the Nelson historian, Fay Lyon.