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Pinch Italian Gourmet Spice Blend (4 oz)
No sugar and gluten free.
Price: $2.50 Quantity:
Salamida Original State Fair Speidie Sauce Marinade (16 fl oz.)
No sugar, gluten, or preservatives.
Price: $3.50 Quantity:
Salamida State Fair Chicken BBQ Sauce (16 fl oz.)
Indoor - outdoor and all natural! No sugars, no preservatives, and no gluten.
Price: $3.50 Quantity:
Salamida State Fair Famous Cornell Style Chicken Bar-B-Que Sauce (16 fl oz.)
All natural with no sugars, gluten, or preservatives!
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Price: $3.50 Quantity:
Salamida State Fair Lemon Garlicious Marinade (16 fl oz.)
The recipe comes from the Italian Isle of Capri, where lemons grow as big as grapefruit and roasted garlic is a common delicacy. No gluten.
Price: $3.50 Quantity:
Salamida Steak House Flat Iron Grill Marinade (16 fl oz.)
For beef at its best! This full flavored savory marinade will make every cut of beef taste mouthwatering! No need for steak sauces, the flavor is deep and the meat is tender.
Price: $3.50 Quantity:
Salamida Tuscan Grill Rosemary Balsamic Marinade (16 fl oz.)
They added balsamic vinegar for a savory rosemary marinade that will make every cut of meat mouthwatering! No Sugar, no gluten.
Price: $3.50 Quantity: