Nelson Farms

Value Added Room for Farmers

Nelson Farms is now able to help New York farmers add value to their fresh grown vegetables and produce! Our new GS 10 system is rated for HAACP/USDA hygiene requirements, and can help with the preparation of products. With a capacity of up to 4,400 pounds per hour, this machine cuts to product specifications, then rinses and dries the product to prepare it for packaging.

Flott Peeler - Output per hour: Onions -600 pounds, Potatoes, carrots (root crops) -800 pounds, Garlic -500 pounds

The A-600 is the most advanced and versatile modified atmosphere packaging machine available today. It has state of the art design with PLC controls, ergonomic finger start and variable logic heat seal controls.

  • A 12 pack setting enables the A-600 to run one or two bags per cycle.
  • Adjustable snorkels and bag stretchers enable it to adapt to changing product and production needs.
  • It has the capability of providing shelf life extension, hygiene improvement and tamper evident packaging.

This machine is used for packaging pre-cut produce, lettuce, carrots, onions, cabbage, coleslaw, salad mixes and more.

The ILKPRA 400 semi-automatic tray sealer features a drawer-style operational design and comes equipped with gas flush controls for applications requiring MAP. The ILKPRA 400 is ideal for market launch conditions where volumes are sure to increase. This efficient, labor saving packaging machine seals up to 360 standard #3 or #10 size trays per hour or 240 MAP trays.

New Value area being established:

A full bottle line system capable of handling 1,000 gallons per day, depending on container size, is being established. The bottling line will be a closed system from product source to bottling, eliminating all air-borne problems. The heating system will have electronic temperature control, making it possible to maintain accurate temperatures for bottling hot fill products.

The bottling line will handle most container sizes for maple syrup, and will have an in-line induction sealing capability if desired by the maple producer. Our goal is to be able handle enough volume to assist New York State maple producers in becoming number one in U.S. maple sales annually. We are also working to establish a distribution concept for maple sales once the product is bottled.

We offer apple cider pasteurizing to apple growers who do not have ultra-violet or pasteurization capability in sizeable volume.

We will be able to assist businesses that need a sophisticated bottling line for their beverage products, enabling them to meet a higher volume.